The Service blog covers specific information related to actual projects, repairs and upgrades that we have done or are currently busy with. This offers a peak into the scope of work that we undertake on a regular basis, the insurance work after catamaran trauma, as well as the custom jobs we take on every so often.

Service Has Grown

Service Has Grown

Our busy schedule is a clear indication that the combination of qualified technicians, effective administration and competant management is working to produce professional catamaran service. Our mission is to always give each client our best, no matter how busy we might get ...
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Relion Lithium Batteries

RELION batteries offer the best value on the market. Simply put, these batteries are lightweight, fast charging and long-lasting. They're available in standard and custom sizes to fit just about any system ...
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Ready for work

Engines and generators stocked up at Just Cats ready to be installed. The wheel keeps turning as another round of refits starts ...
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Merry Christmas from Just Catamarans

Just CATamarans wishes everyone a very merry Christmas! To all those catamaran owners out there, keep sailing, keep smiling and keep us in mind for any of your Service or Brokerage needs ...
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