Catamaran Owners

Reading about how others are experiencing their catamaran is one of the most insightful and realistic resources out there. You get to see the good and bad, the highs and the lows. It offers balance to ones expectations as well as encouragement to reach for your own dream. Everyone has a different dream, but it’s great to be inspired by those who are already living theirs. Once you own your catamaran, we would love to follow you as you embark on your own adventure.


Exit Only

EXIT ONLY Dave and Donna Abbott on a Privilege 39 - EXIT ONLY Dave and Donna headed out on their circumnavigation in 1995. They did it. Read their blog to see how they did it. Click here to view their blog ...
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Adam bought DAVALI in 2014. A detailed picture diary can be seen in his blog from the very beginning stages to completion on the build of his Outremer 45 ...
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We met Pat and Ali in 2003 when they bought their Wildcat 35. Young and inexperienced sailors, they fearlessly embarked on their trip around the world. ...
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