Craig has been involved in boating for as long as he can remember. He grew up with sail and power boats on Long Island Sound.
He spent 30 years boating on Lake Champlain where he had a veterinary practice that treated all animals…dogs, cats, horses, and cattle. He was a Wildlife Rehabilitator and treated owls, hawks and even black bear cubs. He also coached high school baseball for 15 years.
For the last 4 years, he has lived on his catamaran. He has a 100 ton USCG Masters License. He does boat deliveries and teaches new cat owners how to operate their vessels.
He has sailed through the Islands from Panama to Canada, but can usually be found in the Exumas, for 5-6 months a year.
Whether you’re a part-time sailor or liveaboard, Craig can help you find your ideal boat.

Exploring the world
Sognare Sailing
Masters 100 Ton License USCG
This isn’t a dress rehearsal

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