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The Service blog covers specific information related to actual projects, repairs and upgrades that we have done or are currently busy with. This offers a peak into the scope of work that we undertake on a regular basis, the insurance work after catamaran trauma, as well as the custom jobs we take on every so often.

Fire Safety

Toolbox Talk: Fire Safety

When boarding a vessel you must be aware of your surroundings in case of an emergency, including fire ...
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Toolbox Talk

Toolbox Talk: Lightning

Lightning is a natural force of electricity in the atmosphere with heat exceeding 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit ...
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Toolbox Talk: Temperature Extremes

Toolbox Talk: Temperature Extremes

Temperature Extremes. Heat related illness and cold-induced illnesses are recognized workplace hazards. Just Catamarans has developed a policy to address these issues ...
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Toolbox Talk Stinging Insect Safety Catamaran Safety

Toolbox Talk: Stinging Insect Safety

Just Catamarans Service brings you Toolbox Talk: Stinging Insect Safety. Anyone who works outside is at increased risk, including our members in the marine business ...
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