Catamaran Owners

Reading about how others are experiencing their catamaran is one of the most insightful and realistic resources out there. You get to see the good and bad, the highs and the lows. It offers balance to ones expectations as well as encouragement to reach for your own dream. Everyone has a different dream, but it’s great to be inspired by those who are already living theirs. Once you own your catamaran, we would love to follow you as you embark on your own adventure.

Nautitech 40 Open Catamaran for sale

2022 Nautitech 40 Open Catamaran Sold by Just Catamarans in an in-house Deal

Nautitech 40 Open Catamaran sold by Just Catamarans broker Derek Escher. MANA-KAI is a nearly new 2022 Owners version 40 open in Florida ...
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International Multihull Show 2022 aerial

International Multihull Show 2022

Just Catamarans will be at the 2022 International Multihull Show April 20-24 in La Grande Motte, France with an HH OC50 Cruising catamaran on display. ...
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HH50 Catamaran

HH Catamarans Dealership

Just Catamarans is the new HH Catamarans dealer for Sales and Service in North America. Performance Catamarans and Hudson Power Catamarans ...
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Kinetic Catamarans

Kinetic KC54 Performance Catamaran Sold by Just Catamarans

Just Catamarans announces the sale of a new Kinetic KC54 Performance Catamaran sold by broker Robert Taylor ...
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