Featured Monohull Listings

Pronounced: mänōˌhəl

NOUN: a boat with only one hull, as opposed to a catamaran or multihull.

It might seem unusual that we have any monohull listings being that we are a catamaran company, but we will assist customers in selling their monohulls as they transition to a catamaran. Our monohull listings are featured on Yachtworld’s MLS and are available for any buyer around the world through a co-brokerage agreement. We may not specialize in monohulls, but our brokers are knowledgeable about the vessels they list and are able to offer as much expertise and attention as they do to all our other listings.

We can help you sell your monohull to upgrade to a catamaran.

Why upgrade to a Catamaran?

The angle is better.
Expanded cruising grounds.
Comfortable anchoring.
Create your own haulout.
Space. Privacy. Visibility. Safety.
Catamarans are faster.
Double the hulls means double the engines.
Catamarans have a higher resale value.

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