Outremer Catamarans Week

Outremer VIP E-Days To Feature All Models for Discussion

Outremer Yachting is offering VIP e-days this week from Thursday to Saturday in lieu of the Paris Boat show cancellation.

Outremer will present each model similar to a boat show style. This will create an opportunity for serious buyers to speak directly with the Outremer team. Group sessions will be offered in French and English for each model with Sales Director Matthieu presenting from the shipyard and sea trials to offer an immersive for visitors.



Thursday, Dec 10th – 8.30AM to 10AM CET – Outremer 45 and 4X

Friday, Dec 11th – 8.30AM to 10AM CET – Outremer 51

Saturday, Dec 12th – 8.30AM to 10AM CET – Outremer 55

Saturday, Dec 12th – 5.30PM to 7PM CET – Outremer 5X





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