EXPLOCAT 52 Catamaran

Explocat 52: The Ultimate Exploring Catamaran

An idea turned reality from Garcia Yachts, the architects and designers came together to create a true exploration Catamaran – this one made of Aluminum – the Explocat 52. Garcia Yachts is part of the same parent company that owns Outremer Performance Catamarans – the Grand Large Yachting Group.

Marc d’Arbigny, Managing Director of the Explocat “The Explocat 52 is designed for heading off the beaten track and to extend considerably the field of possibilities for a catamaran.”

Explocat52 Catamaran


About the Explocat 52 Catamaran by Garcia Yachts

Twin aluminium hulls with shallow draft, built to withstand all the hazards of the most magical long-distance voyages, with bows that can brave all storms, in complete serenity, the Explocat 52 is perfectly in line with the historical Garcia lineage.

Handle the Explocat 52 by a crew of two, who are always well-protected thanks to the intelligence of its unique design, its generous sail area and controlled weight make the miles scroll like never before, in first-class comfort.

A subtle blend of proven solutions and innovations that offer you a truly unique sailing experience, the Explocat 52 is a perfect illustration of the Garcia Yachts’ signature: “There is nowhere you can’t go”.

With precision-designed deck layout, rigid platform, generous sail plan, serious deck hardware, ergonomic sail handling station offering protection and visibility to a happy crew, the Explocat 52 is the result of thousands of hours of engineering, discussion and reflection, for an exclusive result.


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