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HH60 Performance Cruising Catamaran

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For those seeking limitless adventure and unbridled speed, the new HH60 catamaran, with its powerful rig plan, extra-large cockpit, king size beds, and deep daggerboards, is sure to ignite the imagination. The fully refined, performance optimized HH60 will provide the ultimate platform for whatever lies over the horizon.

The natural evolution of the HH55, the HH60 has been expanded to provide generous entertainment and living space. King size beds can be found in the aft cabins, and huge sliding glass doors stack to one side to provide a seamless transition from the salon to the cockpit.

The HH60 was born from a desire to take the already-stellar performance up another notch. A taller mast, longer longeron, and deeper daggerboards ensure that the HH60 will outperform everything in its class.

Performance is part of our DNA.

Every HH Catamaran is built using the very finest, strongest and lightest materials available. We are experts in Carbon Construction and infuse all of our hulls with Epoxy resin. Bulkheads are solid carbon fiber and long, reverse plumb bows stretch the water line for efficiency. A robust sail plan allows for light wind sailing, and C-Shaped pre-preg carbon fiber daggerboards allow for unparalleled up wind performance.

Available in HH60-SC (AFT Helm) and HH60-SCF (Forward Helm) versions
Aft Helm

Offering the best of all worlds in an easy-to-manage package; the HH60-SC is a bluewater capable, performance cruiser with intelligent yet simple-to-use systems, robustly built carbon construction, spacious interiors and a luxurious finish.

Raised aft helms offer advantages and disadvantages, so choosing which model is right for you depends on how you plan to use the yacht.

The advantages of a raised aft helm are improved 360 degree visibility around the boat, a better view of the rig and sails, better visibility down the hills for docking or tight maneuvers, more space inside your salon, and two nice bench helm seats to enhance your cruising experience. Since there are two helm stations, the line handling can be spread out for more working room.

With in-house engineering and design departments, we can easily customize the helm stations. To date, we have built versions with two raised soft canvas helms; raised hard-top helms; and a single raised coach roof covering both helms with sliding doors.

We welcome you to work with us to customize the boat to suit your unique needs.

Forward Helm

A forward helm occupies some of the salon space, but creates a single, larger forward working station with all of the lines lead to a centralized area. This makes single handing the boat easier while also lowering the boom and center of effort, and increasing the mainsail area. This boosts performance and keeps weight low.

The other advantages of a forward helm are the large, forward facing opening doors and hatches that increase air flow through the salon and make access forward to the bow easier and safer underway.

A forward cockpit is a nice place to helm a boat as it keeps you connected with the crew during racing or long passages. You can hold watch from the safety and comfort of the salon, and an optional Webasto sunroof improves visibility of the sails above you.

Another optional feature we recommend is a downward facing camera on the mast. This allows the captain to see the boat’s surroundings while docking. Meanwhile, visibility forward for picking up a mooring is easy with direct eyesight of the bow

Our optional tiller chairs compliment the forward helm with two places to steer the boat aft. These are perfect for racing or just feeling the exhilarating performance of this racy yacht (see HH66 Flash as a real world example).

The chairs feature secure arm rests with integrated, push button control of your traveler, daggerboards and an optional hydraulic mainsheet. This is sailing that most people can only dream of.

On the HH60 you can select the exterior paint color, deck colors, interior flooring, laminates, real woods, countertops, mullions and fixtures, as well as making some changes to the interior layout of the boat. We can build different sofa combinations, different galleys (with or without an island) and more. Please let us know your goals and we can help you build your dream boat.

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