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How Comprehensive Connectivity Benefits
Catamaran Cruisers

Satcom solutions are more accessible, more prudent and more versatile than ever

Reliable, always-on and cost-effective satellite connectivity, in sailing areas right across the globe, is an asset of immeasurable worth and reassurance. Enabling the captain and crew to stay safe and connected, the latest communications technology and packages are now accessible to all catamaran sailors, whether regular or seasonal, on vessels of all sizes.

Most catamaran sailors have broadly similar satcom demands. These can be boiled down to a solution which provides the best possible connectivity for a realistic cost, offering easy installation and deploying a lightweight, discreetly-sized antenna that doesn’t mar the appearance of the vessel.

While high-quality onboard connectivity has many benefits, perhaps the most crucial is the safety aspect. All sailors need to know that help can be rapidly, dependably and simply accessed in an emergency. With satcom, it is now possible for a direct call to be placed through to the nearest search and rescue team in the event of a crisis.

Seamless connectivity with an onboard Wi-Fi option is also an important resource in enabling skippers and crew to stay abreast of the latest weather update and ice charts, consulting downloadable charts and apps such as PredictWind and WindAlert on their tablets and smartphones, and optimizing passage plans and routes accordingly.

Affordable international access is also a key determinant for users, so an extensive satellite network and flexible airtime pricing plans are crucial features to look for in a supplier. Boat owners can now have the capability to suspend their service during a contract or only pay for the service when they use it, without incurring network roaming charges.

Last but by no means least, consistent onboard connectivity bolsters morale by keeping users in close touch with friends and family on land via social media, phone, email, video messaging, etc; and also permits them to follow developments in sport, entertainment and current affairs.

Whether crossing oceans thousands of miles from land or day sailing around the coast, there is no longer any need to feel isolated from friends, family, information or rescue, with affordable, tailored connectivity available for vessels of all sizes.

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Addressing the connectivity requirements of the catamaran market mentioned above, satellite communications provider Inmarsat offers its Fleet One service with the following benefits, including:

  • Simultaneous voice and IP data at up to 150 kbps outside MF/HF and GSM coverage
  • Free 505 emergency calling
  • Free call 32 Medical Advice and free call 38 Medical Assistance
  • Onboard Wi-Fi option for smart phones and tablets
  • Compact, low-cost antenna
  • Flexible airtime plans
  • Easy to install and use

The Just Catamarans Service team can help with your satellite connectivity needs and install Inmarsat technology.

For more details about how to equip your boat with satcom, you can contact Marianela Small at Inmarsat on +1 (954) 706-8150 or at

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