Foreign registered vessels may not be sold or shown to US Residents while in US waters. If you wish to place for sale in the US, you will need to complete the importation process. We can assist you with that. Your vessel will be advertised as “not for sale to US residents while in US waters” until it has been imported.

The process of importing a vessel includes the following:

1. A copy of customs entry into the US.
2. A copy of the vessel’s registration.
3. A notarized Power of Attorney provided by the importation agent in order to import the vessel on your behalf.
4. A Valuation Survey to provide the assessed value of the vessel. The survey must be less than six months old.
5. You can expect to pay 2% of the value of the vessel in duty and fees.

Note: if a vessel is foreign flagged any one time since the initial importation, the vessel will be required to be imported once again. Foreign flagging a non-US built vessel is essentially viewed as exporting the vessel, requiring its importation yet again. Having been imported at one time does not exclude it from ever needing it to be imported again.

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