leopard 43 catamaran

2005 Leopard 43 Catamaran CURIOSITY
Sold by Terry Grimbeek

Just Catamarans is excited to announce the sale of CURIOSITY, a Leopard 43 Catamaran built in 2005 in an in-house deal. Just Catamarans Florida broker Terry Grimbeek represented both the Buyer and Seller in the deal.

Leopard catamarans have built a great reputation over the years, and it could be argued that one of the great designs on which that reputation has been built was the Leopard 43, a design that has proven itself capable of taking on the trials and tribulations that come with world cruising.

Curiosity is a star even among its peers and has had its more recent life documented under the care of its current owners who have taken excellent care and pride in their home of six years, during which time they have made their way from the USA to New Zealand.

Over this time Curiosity has seen a great deal of fantastic upgrades and has been outfitted as the blue water sailing vessel that it is, among it’s many upgrades are included:

  • New Ullman mainsail, genoa, stackpack, & trampolines (2022)
  • 600W solar (2022) + 800W solar = 1400W Solar
  • 1200ah RELION lithium house bank
  • Max-prop automatic feathering props
  • SS Solar arch and dinghy lift system
  • Iridium Go with external antenna
  • 2x ElectroMaax 215a high output alternators (2022)
  • 2x Webasto FCF A/C with aft A/C wired to run off battery bank (2022)
  • New coach house windows, 2x forward & 4x side along with 4x new portlights
  • Bauer Oceanus air compressor with Spare Parts and new membranes
  • and so much more…..




Lying in New Zealand, CURIOSITY was sold by Terry Grimbeek. The last asking price was $380,000. Terry can sell your catamaran, contact him today!


Catamaran Yacht Broker Terry GrimbeekTerry Grimbeek
(954) 296-9626

2005 Leopard 43 Catamaran Sold

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