Steps to List and Sell Your Catamaran

Here are some things to expect when listing your catamaran:


  1. Signing a Listing Agreement is the first step. The Listing Agreement has terms as to how long the listing will be in effect before your ability to cancel the listing, if unsatisfactory with the performance of the broker. This is usually six months from the date you list it.
  2. If in doubt, the standard commission in the industry is 10%.
  3. Items that will be requested from you at the time of listing:
  • Full specification information
  • Any pictures that you would like to share for the listing, although your broker will take more specific pictures for the listing
  • Copy of Vessel Registration and Documentation
  • Copies of Dinghy Registration
  • Copy of Insurance Policy
  • Copy of Importation paperwork if the vessel is foreign flagged or foreign built
  • Copy of Customs paperwork if applicable
  • Information pertaining to any lien on the vessel
  • Information as to whether your vessel is corporately owned
  • Frequent traveling may sometimes necessitate a Power of Attorney to enable the sale to go through without your presence
  • Information as to where the vessel is docked and any special showing instructions
  • Copies of any recent surveys or any other information regarding issues that need to be noted
  • Extra information not required, but often times helpful: previous vessel ownership, previous Bills of Sale etc.
  1. Personal information relating to how you fulfilled the dream you had for your catamaran. What did you do with your catamaran? Where did you go? What happened? Passing on what your dream looked like on your catamaran inspires the next buyer to fulfill his dreams with your boat, even though their dream may look very different to yours. So don’t forget to tell your broker everything. The more you give him or her, the more he will be able to pass on.
  2. The same applies for anything to do with the vessel: how she runs, issues she had or has, new equipment that you installed etc. It is the duty of a broker to provide any buyer with all and any information relating to your vessel. Give them the means to inform the buyer.

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