Outremer 55 Performance Catamaran

New Outremer 55 Catamaran [Video]

Watch the newest video of the brand new Outremer 55 rendering. She will make her debut at the 2021 La Grande Motte Boat Show.

She is easy to handle, short-handed or alone. She offers large living spaces, circulation on board, light and ventilation, setting new standards within the performance Catamaran world.

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Key Features of the New Outremer 55 Catamaran

  • High average speeds and good course keeping allowed by the retractable daggerboards shorten passage times meaning you can get to shelter ahead of bad weather.

  • The CFD (Computational Fluids Dynamics) models have reduced drag and forward resistance, while allowing for higher carrying capacity when blue water cruising.

  • All sail handling maneuvers are brought back to the helm station, controlled by winches set lower for easy control, allowing you to manage the boat single-handed.

  • A new feature for an Outremer, the twin helm stations can be tilted either inboard, into the cockpit, or outboard to the side-deck. This allows you to be comfortably sat on the double bench seat on deck, with a perfect view of the sail plan. In heavy weather, or under too hot a sun, you can pivot them down to the lower position. You will then benefit from optimal protection under the bimini while keeping an unobstructed view through the saloon windows.

  • The large island galley, the boat’s nerve center, is very friendly. With its foldable extension, it allows you to dine with excellent visibility forward, or allows you to keep an eye on the course while cooking, and still be able to chat with those in the cockpit or saloon.

  • Extensive research was carried out on the choice of materials with low environmental impact for the design and construction of the Outremer 55. For example the use of reusable infusion devices (silicone sheet type) and optimized on-board energy management.

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