Outremer 5X

Outremer 5X WABI SABI Spotted in Maine

Outremer Summer continues with a 3rd Outremer Catamaran spotted in New England, this time WABI SABI, an Outremer 5X was found off the coast of Maine this week.

ALGERIA, an Outremer 45 was in Jamestown as well as WANDERER, a 51 Outremer in the last week for the season.


About Outremer 5X Catamaran

Outremer Catamarans created the premiere long-range cruising catamaran and their flagship yacht – the Outremer 5X catamaran. The Outremer 5X has won European Yacht of the Year for 2013 and Cruising World’s Best Multihull over 50Ft for 2014, solidifying her place among the best long-range cruising catamarans on the water.

The 5X is unlike any other large performance catamaran on the market. At a length of just under 60ft and a width of nearly 29 feet, the Outremer 5X  is a fast, powerful, and seaworthy yacht with finely finished cabinetwork, spacious accommodations and with excellent payload carrying ability.

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