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Toolbox Talk from Just Catamarans Service is a series of articles to help maintain your yacht to the highest standards.

Some of the worst hazards in any work area are the ones which are the least obvious – because they are overhead. When we speak of overhead work, we’re actually referring to work that takes place above other workers and work that’s being performed with arms raised above a worker’s head.

Work that’s above others

Anytime someone is working above someone else, there is the possibility that objects may be dropped. That object may be a tool, something that is being worked on, or even debris. Workers should take specific steps to reduce the potential for those accidents, and to limit any possible damage.

  • Ensure that people who are working below are aware of the work that’s happening above them and are taking adequate precautions.
  • Do NOT over-carry tools and materials up a ladder or place items in one’s pockets.
  • Make sure that materials and tools are kept away from the edges of scaffolding or other raised surfaces.
  • Proper stacking procedures should be followed and avoid stacking beyond safe heights.


Working above your head

One of the most dangerous overhead hazards is also one of the most common: electrical wiring and power lines. Even when there are no visible hazards overhead, the act of reaching up can lead to injuries, particularly when performed repeatedly.

  • Be aware of the location of all overhead electrical lines on a worksite
  • Reducing the amount of time spent working with the arms above the head reduces the possibility of injury.
  • Performing stretching exercises before and during work and taking frequent breaks may limit the amount of strain put into your arms and will reduce the risk of losing strength in the arms.
  • Reposition yourself or use different types of tools to reduce the amount of strain on the body.

We encourage all to be aware of your surroundings and placement of all items. Make sure anyone in your surrounding aware of the work you are doing and always stay cautious in all work that is being performed to stay as safe as possible for yourself and anyone around you

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