Leopard 43 Power Catamaran for sale

2019 Leopard 43 Power Catamaran Sold by Just Catamarans

Just Catamarans is pleased to announce the sale of a nearly-new Leopard 43 Power Catamaran, built-in 2019. Leopard Catamaran specialist Jim Ross represented the Seller the deal.

SEAVIEW | 2019 Leopard 43 Power Catamaran

2019 Leopard 43 Power Catamaran Profile

SEAVIEW is an Owners Version 43PC powered with twin Yanmar 8LV320 diesel engines.

Lying in Fort Lauderdale, FL SEAVIEW was listed for sale at $599,000 listed for sale exclusively with Just Catamarans. Contact Leopard Specialist Jim Ross today to sell your Leopard catamaran or represent you in buying the right catamaran for you! Right now, Just Catamaran has a special offer for Sellers in the Fort Lauderdale to have hurricane protection for your vessel. Click here for details.

Licensed and Bonded Catamaran Broker Jim Ross

Jim Ross

Licensed + Bonded Catamaran Broker

Email: Jim@JustCatamarans.net
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