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4 Catana Performance Catamarans for Sale Today

By Just Catamarans Broker Derek Escher

Catana catamarans have for more than 30 years represented the finest in French luxury performance yachts. While the current boats are not in step with the original vision, slightly older Catanas on the used Catamaran market are often still the best option for sailors wanting a cruising cat that is comfortable, often very comfortable, while still being great sailboats.

Catanas are daggerboard catamarans. For many years, Catana s showed no depreciation, and at times certain boats actually increased in value. That is no longer the case, and there are some great deals to be had.

The reason for the value drop is two fold. 1. The boats are getting older, and 2. Contemporary Catana has made decisions that has muddled the brand’s legacy.

Just Catamarans currently has a good selection of brokerage Catanas. First and foremost, is MARIAH.



Catana 582 Catamaran for sale

MARIAH is a flagship from the heyday of Catana. It is a 582, and the interior of the boat is reminiscent of a fine hotel. Beautiful woodwork, great private spaces. The really cool thing about Mariah is it still sails very fast, and powerfully. If you are looking for an amazing yacht, look no further!



2002 Catana 471 Catamaran iCan port profile

ICAN is a Catana 471. The 471 is on virtually everyone’s top 5 greatest catamarans ever list. The 471 combined great sailing with the perfect sized boat for living aboard. Ican is meticulously cared for, and is a real value. The downside may be 4 cabins, but this also adds opportunity. The 471 is reminiscent in many ways to the wildly popular Outremer 51. If you really want a 51, but can’t afford it, or care to wait, have a look at Ican.




WAKING DREAM is a Catana 381. The boat has been modified to heighten its performance, and represents an opportunity to get a daggerboard cat under 40’. This is a boat that is reasonably priced, and is light and agile. This is a boat that has been on the market for a while, and is ready for a new chapter. Take a look at Waking Dream.

We also have a pocket listing on the last Catana 521 built. This is a brilliant boat. Ask us about it. We just look a listing for an older Crowther designed 48, a great but older design. We don’t think this one will last long at all.


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