All-new Outremer 51 Catamaran

All-New Outremer 51 Catamaran [New Photos]

The all-new Outremer 51 catamaran is a well thought blue water cruising catamaran dedicated for single hand crew.

SPLENDID C’S follows the Outremer concept of “light is fast, fast is fun” with the all-new designed 51. Check out the photo gallery slideshow below.

About the Outremer 51 Catamaran

The new Outremer 51 is the successor to the Outremer 49, winner of both European Yacht of the Year and Boat of the Year in the United States. Truly, the Outremer 51 sets the standard in cruising catamarans for families around the world with her various updates.

The new Outremer 51 features an updated design, a new interior, and enhanced performance.

The new lines were drawn by Patrick Le Quément with the interior redesigned by the team at Darnet Design who have modernized, notably, the galley and the chart table, making them even more ergonomic.

Extra weight-savings have been achieved in the boat’s structure, allowing for even better performance.

Look for an all-new Outremer 51 to be on display at the Miami International Boat Show February 14-18, 2019.

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