Catamaran Broker Testimonial

“I can’t say enough about Jim Ross’s professionalism and hard work! “

“When my wife and I started our search for a liveaboard catamaran, our initial research led us to avoid brokers. 
As our search progressed, we found out that buying a catamaran wasn’t as easy as buying a car or the average Joe’s motor boat, a broker may be a necessary evil, but we had heard so many horror stories about brokers.
As is turns out, we met some very nice folks. A few of them gave us great advice, others took their time to show us a few vessels.  Some not so nice…
Unfortunately, our experience with brokers overall fell short. 
Until my wife contacted Jim Ross.
We were settled not buy for a while, we had the time, and this market is too competitive. But Jim was confident, and he showed us a few boats, listened to our needs and wants, and worked hard to get the right boat for us and then he told us he had our boat coming up for sale, he had a good lead on our perfect boat. 
And he sure did! Even against our grain, we trusted him, every step of the way, and when he needed to deliver, he really did! Held our hands.  Made it as painless as possible.” I can’t say enough about Jim Ross’s professionalism and hard work! 
Thank you for making our dream a reality!”
Paulo and Jen Caetano

2015 Leopard 44 Catamaran | FREE TOGETHER

Licensed and Bonded Catamaran Broker Jim Ross

Jim Ross

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