Catamaran Broker Testimonial

“I find Jim to be professional and a true get-it-done salesperson…”

I first met Jim Ross when my husband and I purchased a catamaran. Jim was the broker for the sellers. First impressions are everything and my first impression of Jim was that he sincerely wanted to make sure we, the buyers, were purchasing a boat that met all of our expectations and would safely get us to our destinations. So when my husband and I decided to sell that same catamaran Jim was the first person who came to mind. 

I put so much trust and faith in Jim that I hired him to be my broker to purchase a boat at the same time he was my broker to sell the catamaran.
I find Jim to be professional and a true get-it-done salesperson who’s very effective and direct. I would highly recommend Jim Ross to anyone.
Carol Cooke

Manta 42 Catamaran Owners

Licensed and Bonded Catamaran Broker Jim Ross

Jim Ross

Licensed + Bonded Catamaran Broker

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