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Ocean Renegade R6 Catamaran

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Introducing the remarkable R6 – the natural evolution of the beloved R5 from Ocean Renegade. With the desire for a larger platform in the R-series, the Ocean Renegade R6 emerges as a unique and distinctive vessel, while still drawing inspiration from its predecessor. The goal was to create a 60-footer that embodies the R5’s renowned ease of handling and outstanding performance, yet surpasses expectations with increased hull volume and generously sized forward and aft cockpits.

Countless hours of careful consideration and exploration of various layouts have led us to a perfect harmony of adaptability, seamless flow, and a comfortable living experience. The R6 stands as a testament to our commitment to meeting the desires of our discerning customers while delivering a yacht that offers unrivaled versatility and an unparalleled sense of ease in every aspect of your journey.

Ocean Renegade R6

Ocean Renegade r6

Experience the R6, where elevated luxury and convenience meet groundbreaking advancements. One of the standout features of this remarkable yacht is its increased hull volume, allowing for an extra touch of opulence and practicality. Building upon its impressive array of creature comforts, we have taken it a step further by introducing additional finishing trims and enhanced spaciousness.

However, the Ocean Renegade commitment to innovation goes beyond aesthetics. Ocean Renegade revolutionized the engineering of the R6, embracing cutting-edge technology to create a vessel that redefines excellence. As a standard feature, the entire platform now boasts full carbon construction for all full-width bulkheads. This ensures optimal weight distribution and structural integrity, delivering an unparalleled level of performance.

Through a meticulous vacuum infusion process, each component of the R6 is crafted to perfection, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. This yacht is not just a vessel; it is a masterpiece that seamlessly combines offshore performance with modern living. Prepare to embark on a journey where form and function harmoniously coexist, setting new standards in the world of yachting. Discover limitless possibilities with the extraordinary R6.

The R6 redefines versatility within its range, offering semi-customizable layouts to cater to diverse needs.

Step into the stylish saloon, where elegance meets functionality. The well-designed space features a spacious corian and bamboo galley, complete with ample storage for all your culinary needs. Experience the joy of cooking with a 4-zone induction cooktop paired with an electric oven, while a dual sink, microwave, and dedicated appliance storage add convenience.

Gather around the galley table with its bar seating for 4, where you can enjoy meals while taking in panoramic views of the surrounding beauty. For entertainment, a rear bulkhead-mounted popup 40-inch television provides entertainment at your fingertips.

The ingenuity doesn’t end there. The saloon table transforms into a full-size queen bed, perfect for accommodating overflow guests, creating a cozy kids’ area, or serving as a comfortable spot for long voyage navigations.

Enhancing the ambiance of the saloon, two large sunroofs allow natural light to flood in, offering excellent visibility of the majestic mast and sails. Discover a yacht that combines practicality, comfort, and sophistication, making the R6 the perfect choice for a wide range of seafaring adventures


  • 3/4 cabin layout with optional multifunction office
  • New hulls
  • Improved FWD cockpit design for ease of operation.
  • Additional carbon reinforcements throughout
  • Panoramic saloon and cockpits
  • Updated luxury finishes
  • Improved carrying capacity
  • Improved performance capabilities
  • CE Certification
  • Vacuum infused epoxy e-glass shell construction, sandwiched between high-density core
  • Full carbon – main bulkheads
  • Gurit structural PVC/corecell core throughout
  • Sicomin Green epoxy resin systems
  • Full post-cure on completed shell
  • Alexseal primers and topcoats
  • Carbon Daggerboards
  • Reverse Bows


Length: 18.9 m | 62 ft
Waterline: 18.2 m | 60 ft
Draft: 1.7 m | 4.9 ft
Bridgedeck Clearance 1.1m | 3.6 ft
Draft Daggerboard Down 3.2 m | 10.4 ft
Climma 48,000 BTU Chiller Unit
Beam: 8.4 m | 27.6 ft
Fuel Capacity  320L | 84.5 gallons
Light Displacement 320L 84.5 gallons
Water capacity: 415L | 109.6 gallons



  • Torqeedo Deep Blue electric propulsion system

  • 2 x 25KW electric engines

  • 1 x 40KWh 360v BMW I3 lithium water cooled battery (Engine and charging)

  • 2 x 3500 Wh 24v lithium batteries (Hotel Loads)

  • 2 x 3.3Kw Chargers

  • 1 x Water-cooled 6KVA inverter

  • 1 x range extender DC generator

  • 8 x 400W solar panels

  • Flexofold folding propellers

  • Hydro regeneration.

  • Dedicated 9-inch customizable Torqeedo control panel


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Ocean Renegade R6 Catamaran



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