St. Francis 50 Catamaran for sale

St. Francis 50 Catamaran SULIERE 

[Full Tour with Learning the Lines]

Florida Catamaran Broker Jim Ross spent time with Jordan and Randi, known from their YouTube channel “Learning the Lines” to record a walkthrough video on a 2010 St. Francis 50 Catamaran for sale exclusively with Just Catamarans.

Watch the full video walkthrough below:

The St. Francis 50 is a sophisticated yacht with all the modern conveniences of a home, yet she is a passage maker at heart, capable of crossing oceans at an average of 200 plus nautical miles per day.

The St. Francis 50’s construction integrity and her seaworthiness are endorsed by the following account from the delivery skipper who sailed her around Africas most southern point, Cape Agulhas

SULIERE is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL currently asking $845,000.

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