Just Catamarans Owner Kent Grimbeek Interview with Gone With The Wynns

The last time Just Catamarans saw Jason and Nikki was in February 2020 during our in-house Catamaran Show at Harbour Towne Marina in Florida. A lot has happened since February but Just Catamarans Owner and friend to Jason and Nikki Wynn, Kent Grimbeek, was able to sit down with the owners of CURIOSITY via online chat. From Jason and Nikki’s blog:

Yes, travel and International travel are heavily restricted.  But the one thing we know is true, and has been scientifically proven, is that the best physical and mental place to spend time is outside in nature.  That could be a cabin in the woods, a tent, van, RV, or a sailboat.

But, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t dreaming about buying a boat or at least embarking on some sort of adventure.  We want to help encourage those dreams, which is why we decided to start this interview series.

Soooo many of you are ready to dive into boat life headfirst but you’re coming up against a lot of hurdles.

Watch the video below as they answer the question “Is Now A Good Time to Buy A Boat?

Gone with the Wynns at Catamaran Show Panel

Jason and Nikki Wynn (@Gone with the Wynns) spoke the Just Catamarans 3rd Annual Catamaran Show at the Sunday VIP Event at Harbour Towne Marina in Fort Lauderdale, FL back in February. Jason and Nikki purchased their brokerage Leopard 43 sail Catamaran through Just Catamarans and Kent Grimbeek.


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